Cindy was born to The god and goddess of nature so it grants her the same power. When Cindy was six her thumb|312px|rightparent were killed in battle. She was left with the care of Zeus. By the time she was eighteen, she commit a crime of stealing so Zeus banished her from the heavens and she was force to use her gift for only on earth and for the human needs. Ever since, she's been alone and scared. She was confused of her crimes and cried. Then one day, a man helped her out. This was John Smith. Cindy felt in love with him and soon they got married. This made the gods angry and they were forced to take John and Cindy apart from each other. Cindy was forbidden to see him but she truly loved him so the gods offered her a deal. If she can complete a mission to collect a pure soul, she is free from all crimes and she can be with John again. So Cindy boards a ship and begins her journey.


-She is known to the gods as a troublemaker

-Sweet, kind, gentle(to nature)

Married to John Smith(but all of that could change)

-Goddess of Nature

-When she gets mad, she puts the world at risk but earthquakes, floods, and other dangers

Current SituationEdit

-Traveling alone for now