Esmeralda (Circe) is a young woman currently under the wing of Lilith


Years ago, Esmeralda was raped by Frollo, the Judge of the Dead, and had Tulio. Supposedly, she died in childbirth, but Lilith took pity on her, and gave her a second chance at life, along with newly gained powers. She now has the ability to change men into animals, and thus the nickname Circe. So far she has no memory of her son Tulio, but sometimes relives it all through dreams, but, as of yet, she has no idea what they mean.


Jasmine- Her lover and friend.

Lilith-A demon who took pity on her and gave her a new life complete with powers and the chance for revenge.

Miguel-Tulio's lover whom he has forgotten because of some spell his father forced him to undergo. Miguel escaped from the prison Frollo had thrown him into with the help of Lilith, but was turned into a lion by Circe. She changed him back when he promised to tell her about his past.

Tulio-Her son, whom she has no memory of.

Frollo- The man who raped her, Tulio's father.