This page was created as a guide to all the relationships and connections characters share between one another in These Violent Delights. Use it as a helpful tool whenever necessary.


Moses and Aurora are/were in love and had Cale. Moses is unaware.

Tulio and Miguel are in love and are separated by Tulio's overbearing Father Frollo.

Esmeralda and Jasmine are in love and seek to destroy the lives of men. Esmeralda is Tulio's mother (unaware). Esmeralda turned Miguel into a lion (Scar) when Lilith brought him from prison, she turned him back again however so that he would tell her about his past with Tulio.

Phoebus was Esmeralda's ex whom she turned into a lion and now is out to kill her.

Eris/Lilith is Esmeralda's and Jasmine's boss in a way and shares their dreams of destroying the male gender. She helped Miguel escape from prison but no one knows why.

Odette is a demon who was raised a princess but took to stealing and was cast out, she is currently trying to find the man who murdered her human sister, Charlotte (Lottie).

Seth/Thrax is a man who was cursed by Lilith to be possessed by a demon (Thrax) and kill people in order to live. He killed Charlotte, but now has Rapunzel who is an immortal goddess, she and him are good friends, and he uses her to cheat the curse sometimes.

Elisa loves Seth and is trying to locate him. She works as a detective.

John Smith/Steele is a vampire and another of Esmeralda's exes whom she turned into a dog, former friend of Phoebus.