Darias Family was poor. Her mother was ill and very weak so that she was not able to work or do anything in the household. Her father left them when she was still a little girl. She had to do everything on her own including caring for her mother. One day when she came to look after her mother after work, she was dead. Daria, all on her own now wandered the streets until she was found by Liard, who took her to his home. Daria did not know what will happen to her. Liard was thirsty for the dark powers. He sold Daria to hell and in exchange for this he ot all the powers he always longed for so desperately. A dark demon called Chernabog got very much interested into Daria and tried to make her one of them. But after a short time Daria was able to flee from that place. Now she has to hide and flee for Chernabog is searching her. She is all alone and has no place to go. For having lived in Hell she owns an athmosphere people make feeling frightened and uncomfortable, so they don't come near her.


Daria used to be full of power, but now she is desperate and feels so weak. She searches for someone to help her, someone who understands her. She is a really nice and friendly person and always loyal to friends.


Except of the fact that she scares people by now Daria did not find out, whether she has anything special about her. (To keep it interesting I will write about her abilities, as soon as she found out herself...)


Until now she is alone and has no one she could talk to. But soon she will meet a little travelling group and also another person, who can show her, how to survive.

I'm sorry for keeping it still a little plain around here, but I just want to write to the extend that Daria knows by herself. I will write more, when she knows more. :)