Elisa Maza (MikomiShizuka) is a detective, and Seth's former lover.


She's able to wield a gun very well, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.


Elisa was promoted to detective after three years of being a police officer and only after a year she ran into Seth (Thrax). He constantly broke the law by stealing and he was always one step ahead of her. Eventually, she couldn't deny her attraction and decided to accept his offer to have a physical relationship.

After a few months of begging him to stop his life of crime, he simply disappeared. She had no idea where he went and she looked for him every chance she got. After a year, she started to look for him less and less.

Current SituationEdit

  • Doing her job
  • Looking for Seth from time to time


Elisa is stubborn and caring. She's dedicated to her job and is a bit of a humanitarian. She often looks for the best in people, especially since she's still in love with a criminal. Elisa is also dangerous when defending the law, others, and herself.