(played by xvampiireheart) is a fallen princess with a dark secret.


When she was a little girl (Shanti), Princess Jasmine was raped by a man who lived only for power (Jafar). Jasmine was the heir to the throne and she was killed because she didn't accept his hand. But someone else saw her fate and gave her a second chance and a new life.

A beautiful goddess (Lilith) who hates humans especially men promised her vengeance. When Jasmine became an adult, she received a gift. A poison kiss who burn hearts of all men. It's a power that she uses without restraint to calm his hatred.

Her first victim being the one who has murdered her innocence.. Jafar.

Jasmine works in the street now, she is a prostitute, an interesting job because she kills many men.

Interactions With Others CharactersEdit

Eris (Lilith)Edit

Lilith is an ancient and powerful demon. Jasmine sees Lilith as her new mother. She saved her life when she was a child and gave her a chance for revenge. Lilith kept a watchful eye over the girl as she grew into a beautiful young woman.

When she saw Jasmine reach her full potential she granted her a gift...

A single kiss: a poison on her lips that she could utilize to extract her revenge.

Jasmine is her ally. She has a great admiration for her. She will always be her devoted servant.

Circe (Esmeralda)Edit

Jasmine and Circe have similar stories. She was also raped and killed by a man.

Their hatred against men is strong. Together, they are great 'partners in crime. Esmeralda is her girlfriend and they have so much fun! They are there to help vulnerable women and to do reign their justice over cruel men.

Jasmine is a member of team MANEATER, which consists of Lilith, Jasmine and Esmeralda (Circe).


Jasmine can kill a man when she puts her lips on hers. The poison on her lips is immediate and very dangerous. Her power is ineffective for women.

The poison consumes the human heart and the burn is very painful.


Jasmine is a lesbian (disgusted by men). She is vindictive, moody, dreamy and libertine. She loves animals and pretty women. Jasmine is rebellious but basically her heart hides a high sensitivity.