A half Vampire, John Smith(StormCin) was cursed by Circe, and now remains trapped as a dog. (Steele)


John grew up alone, on the streets. He knows that he's not normal. Always thirsty for blood, he managed to fight it away successfully. He worked as a guard or mercenary for various nobles, and is excellent at it, due to his vampire heritage.


As Steele, he's very pissed. And suddenly, the idea for blood in tempting.


"John was a loyal companion. He was as normal as he could be - with the typical flaws of an average human. John would never willingly harm an innocent person and he was especially focused on protecting children, having a soft spot for them. Steele, however...

If he'd ever fall in love, he would probably be blinded by it and would do anything for his beloved - as long as he could see that the feeling is genuine on both sides, that is."


"John is what you may call a quasi-vampire [because Sauda said Steele IS a vampire and she featured him in her video], that do not have ALL of the abilities of other vampires BUT in exchange the sunlight cannot hurt him."


Circe: The bitch that turned him into a dog. He's looking for revenge against her.

Phoebus: As part of Frollo's guards, they became best friends. He has not seen him since he was turned, and has no idea that Phoebus himself has been turned into a lion.

Odette: Finding the girl in the market place being caught thieving, he defends her until she can get away. He's suprised that the girl is undisturbed that he can talk. She offers him traveling company and mentions that she may have a way to return him to his human form.

Current Situations//Edit