Odette is just your averge blonde, sometimes blue, more often red eyes beauty with the past she's trying to hide. She's played by StormCin (explanation enough)


Odette is a demon child that grew up a princess in a human kingdom. Even before her demonic heritage was known, she acted out. She is borderline kleptomaniac, meaning that she has an obsession with stealing. After


Odette dancing in the street

her sister Charelotte found out that her obsession had gone from minor things, to actual thieving, that she was damn good at, she told her father. Her father made no move at the time, except to warn her, and life moved on.

But little did Odette know that the amulet that she had stolen was not just any another amulet. No. This amulet reveals the wearers true form, and this form can not be removed with out an even stronger magic. So this amulet reaveled her demon form. It was only able to go as far as


Odette's Red Eyes

giving her red eyes. Sometimes her eyes appear blue though as the powers fight. Because as a baby, an even stronger magic was cast to make her appear human.

At a costume party held a few months later, Odette and her sister are taken with a tall man with a sexy voice. Although they don't know what he looks like beneath his mask, the two play a game to see which one of them could get him alone. Thrax is able to tell that Odette's red eyes aren't contacts, and he goes after Lottie. He kills her, and Odette swears that she will have revenge.

After stealing yet again, as it helps her deal with her grief, her father disowns her, banishing her from the kingdom.


She does not like to be reminded of her past. She is not a princess anymore in her eyes. Expecaily with her demon heritage. Right now she has befriended Phoebus, who was cursed by Circe, and is trapped as a lion. She has plans to buy a home, (once she finds something in her price range.) that all of her aqautinces can stay at. She has also met Chel, who has her own plans for the poor Demon child. Chel and her steal together. Even with Phoebus begging her not to, it is one of the only ways that she knows how to deal with her grief.

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