Cats Don t Dance Sawyer by mutio

~Saywer's Information~

Name: Sawyer M. Cat

Alias: Marie T. Reywas

Age: 26 (In cat years)

Gender: Female

Species: Cat (Siamese?)

Curretly: With Belle and Co.

~Sawyer's Past~

Sawyer was young when she tried to break into showbiz 10 (cat) years ago. She caught a lucky break and on the set of her first movie, she met an orange tabby about her age. They started a conversation. His name was Danny. Over the course of time, they both started getting more and more prominent parts, always in the same movies. Eventually, they fell in love and started touring together. Until the very last night of their performance, nothing could seperate them. But that fateful day, Danny went out to find a ring. He was about to propose to Sawyer that evening. However, one of Sawyer's jealous stalkery fans saw Danny enter the jewelery shop.

He thought that if he could get rid of Danny, then he could have Sawyer.

The police told Sawyer that Danny was dead just before when Sawyer and Danny's duet would have been. Sawyer was so upset that she ran from the theatre crying, taking nothing but her coat. She has never been heard from again.


Her alias is Marie T. Reywas. This is the name she lives by. She has never told anybody her true story. Sawyer M. Cat is just a celebrity that reached the top, and then faded into obscurity. But sometimes she still hears Danny singing, and often chases the voice. Who knows who you'll run into when you're chasing your past.


Sawyer is very quiet, typically shy, but trusting. She won't always defend herself in confrontation because she feels vulnerable. She is a very loyal friend, and won't let her friends down. She's strong against mostly everything. The only thing that can knock her down is her emotions, they are very powerful and she is very passionate.