Seth (MikomiShizuka) was turned into a demon by Lilith, and he renamed himself Thrax.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Seth was turned into a pyro demon. He has the power to heat up his extended claw and spread fire, and if he cuts anything, magma will fill. This makes him invulnerable to fire itself; unable to get burned. In order to stay alive, Thrax must kill innocent people. He only needs to kill once a month to get by.


Seth wasn't exactly a humanitarian. He took what he wanted whenever he wanted. He threatened people's lives in the process but never took an innocent life. During his life of crime he was often almost caught by detective Elisa Maza. The two of them eventually acknowledged their attraction to each other and started a physical relationship in secret. But he would never give up his lifestyle for them to truly be together. Lilith decided that had to change. She turned him into a monster, and if he wanted to remain alive and earn his human body back, he'd have to kill innocent people. "Your heart is as black as mine," she told him.

"I may be a bastard," he retorted. "But I'm not a fucking bastard."

And so then he ran. But as time passed on, he felt himself dying. He had no choice but to take a life once a month. One of those lives was Odette's sister Lottie, and so he must dodge her attempts to kill him.

During random travel, Thrax spotted a girl (Rapunzel) in trouble. He saved her life and didn't quite know why. She approached him and wrapped her hair around his frozen hand, and to his surprise, her hair glowed and healed him. It was then the two of them came to an agreement: Thrax would be her companion and bodyguard, and since she is immortal, he "cheats the system" by killing her once a month. He calls the female "Punz" rather than Rapunzel.

Current SituationEdit

  • Traveling with Rapunzel


Thrax is a bitter man; often unfriendly. He never socializes with anyone since they are always frightened or disgusted of his current appearance. As Seth he could have any woman he wanted, but now women run from him screaming. He is lonely, and feels guilty for the lives he's stolen. It's only been a year since he was changed; twelve innocent lives was already too much for him. On the rare occasion someone does try to get to know him, he either ignores them or screams at them before he continues on his way.


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