Tiana's Story

Tiana (VintageRomantiques) is the goddess of absolute vengeance, changed after her death by Hades, a god who is sustained by the hatred in human's hearts.


Growing up, Tiana lived an average life, and had hopes, and dreams for the future just as any person would; she wished to become a chef, and own her own restaurant. Everyday, she worked harder, and harder with hardly any rest to achieve her goal, until one night while traveling home from working at a local diner, Tiana was killed by a mysterious murderer and sent to the underworld. At the moment, her immortal soul did not feel any grieving over her lost life, but more so anger, and absolute hatred for the person who took her life, and dreams away from her.

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Tiana in the underworld.

Hades, overwhelmed himself by the absolute rage coming from that of a human, struck a deal with Tiana; she may continue to live her life, not as a mere undead soul living in the underworld, but as a goddess, striking havoc upon those whom do others wrong, Hades feeling Tiana's hatred can sustain him for centuries to come, so he may continue living on. Tiana, without a second thought, agrees to this deal, feeling that with this power, she can punish her murderer, and serve justice to those who hurt the innocent.


Though a goddess of vengeance, Tiana is not a evil being, simply hurt, and shows her hurt though methods of what she feels to be justice. She takes pity on those who have been wronged, and is a gentle soul to all but evil (at least, what she sees as evil). Although she can be misguided in her pursuit of justice, she feels she has a clear set line of what is right, and what is wrong. She sees no wrong in her deal with Hades, nor does she know he is simply using her for his own gratification, so she can be naive, and blinded by her anger. Tiana shows little regret in her choice, the only true regret she feels is having to watch her friends and family live their lives without her, making her a sadder soul, though also adding fuel to her fire.

- The part of Tiana's murderer is open if so desired.