Frollo is your daddy by gerbilzrox-d37dm2q

{daddy issues}

Tulio is the illegitimate son of Esmerelda and Frollo. Tulio knows nothing of this mother, other then brief waking dreams he experienced in his childhood. For Tulio's entire life, he was kept away securely in his father's house. As he grew older however, he became more adventurous, sneaking away out into the streets of the city. During one of Tulio's escapades, Tulio met and became infatuated with the young con artist, Miguel. There was immediately a close connection between the two that quickly developed into an intense romance. Frollo began to suspect his son's escapades, resulting in tightening the security surrounding his son, and halting any nightly excursions

One night, Miguel was able to sneak by the guards surrounding Frollo and Tulio's house. Hastily, Tulio and Miguel made a plan to escape the house, so that they might live their lives together. They two were unsuccesful, however, when Frollo was very quickly informed of the runaways, and used all of his resources in order to reclaim his son. Upon Tulio and Miguel's discovery, Frollo had Miguel imprisoned, despite Tulios protests.thumb|left|314px

Back at his father's house after the incident, Tulio grows increasingly unstable. In an attempt to placate his son's attempts to leave the house and search for Miguel, Frollo lies to Tulio, telling him that Miguel has been executed. Upon hearing this, Tulio nearly strangles his father on the spot. His sanity quickly dissapates. That night, Tulio sets fire to his father's bed.

Miraculously, Tulio and his father survive the fire, with Frollo awakening in time to drag his son forcibly away from the flames. Desperate for a solution, Frollo employs the help of Clopin, a mage, to have his son's memories erased of Miguel. With no recollection of Miguel whatsover, Tulio is now calm for the most part. Hoever, but his sanity is fragile and unstable due to the hasty removal of memories and physical effects of the trauma of losing his soul mate.
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