Vanessa is highly volatile and unpredictable; she wields her powers with little regard for the consequences. In truth, she knows very little "real" magic (Magic that requires spells and incantations). She is, however, a gifted necromancer and can bend the wills of spirits to her own advantage. Her power is very unevolved and savage; she has little control over her emotions and has even less control of her magic. Her fiery temper is formidable, and one would be wise not to cross her.


Vanessa had a very tumultuous past. When she was young, her father passed away. Her mother remarried soon after, but her new husband was far from an ideal lover. He was penniless, and a drunk. After only a year, the couple found themselves completely impoverished, in desperate need of money, and with a child to feed. They decided to sell their daughter into a ring of slavery and prostitution, and there they left their daughter to die. Vanessa found favor with the headmistress of this institution, and was therefore saved from the fate of many girls. She was, however, worked to the bone and given little time for relaxation.

Soon after, Marie arrived. She was a kind woman, and immediately felt a strong bond with Vanessa. She offered the headmistress a hefty sum of money, and "bought" Vanessa; she had no intentions of keep the child as a slave. She wanted only to give the girl a home, and to afford her the chance to be raised in love.

(to be continued)Edit

Current SituationEdit

  • Vanessa is currently situated in the house that was formerly Marie's. She lives alone, save the spirits she keeps bound to her.